Basketball Betting Tips

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Basketball Betting Tips

Because NBA basketball is widely popular in many different countries around the world and the number of dedicated fans is truly staggering, basketball betting tips are a hot commodity in many circles, as fans look to take advantage of their basketball knowledge and win some money on NBA betting. It’s worth noting that NBA is extremely competitive and even the weakest teams are capable of surprising the favorites from time to time, so betting on basketball must be done carefully and with good understanding of the odds.

In this basketball betting guide, we will explain the fundamental principles that all bettors should be aware of, and try to present some smart strategies including tips for betting basketball for over/under and similar veteran tricks that could earn you some money.

1. Following NBA Basketball - Predictions

With 30 teams playing 82 games each during the regular season and thrilling seven-game series in each round of the playoffs, the NBA provides a lot of great entertainment. Of course, such an intense schedule also means that today’s best NBA picks tend to change from one day to another. Still, if you are following the league even casually, it’s not too hard to pick up tendencies of various teams and players and become skilled at guessing the outcomes of high profile games. Another unique feature of NBA basketball is the impact of top stars, as individual performance drives winning in this sport to a greater extent than in soccer or American football. That’s why prospective bettors must carefully examine the tendencies of major players and try to guess when they will have a big game. There are other factors that can influence basketball betting predictions , including in which arena the game is played and how rested each team is.

If you are a basketball fun, our article about how to bet on college basketball can also be interesting and useful for you. After all, you don't have to place bets only on such major leagues as NBA.

2. Basketball Betting Lines - NBA Odds

Because of the factors described above, NBA betting lines for individual games and other bets are changing very dynamically and it’s necessary to analyze the data in order to increase the chances to win. Of course, teams with a higher winning percentage during the season are usually favored, and when they are playing at home they are sometimes expected to win by a double digit margin. Some bettors like to focus on the total number of points scored in a game (over/under), as this parameter depends on the pace of play and may be somewhat easier to predict than game winners. Wagering on the performance of individual players is another attractive option, although this may require a deeper knowledge of NBA statistics for a successful run. In-game bets, which can be placed while the game is ongoing with constantly changing odds, represent a good chance for knowledgeable NBA fans to make correct predictions. Finally, it’s good to keep in mind that different sportsbooks calculate basketball betting odds in slightly different ways, so it makes sense to check the lines on several websites before placing a money wager. While doing it, you may also want to play at Hard Rock casino where we can offer you hard rock casino promo code. Check the details in the article.

3. Finding Value Bets on NBA Basketball

With so many different betting options to choose from, it’s recommended to regularly read basketball betting NBA tips in hopes of finding a value proposition that somehow slipped through the cracks. Some bets may fly under the radar despite a tremendous potential for a spectacular win, so digging a little deeper usually pays off. When looking for such bets, it’s wise to look at the motivation of each team – for example, one team can be in an intense fight for a playoff spot while the other has already secured a place in the postseason in their previous game. Backing a highly incentivized underdog or supporting a young team on the rise are just some of the strategies that could create extra value. The more you watch NBA basketball and read relevant analysis and betting tips for NBA , the more nuanced trends you will be able to notice and exploit. This is why betting on NBA basketball is such a thrilling discipline that rewards data-based thinking and a patient, tactful approach.

4. Keeping Track of Your NBA Bets

Once you find good basketball NBA betting tips for the weekend and place a smart bet, the only thing left to do is to decide how you want to watch the game. Games involving high-profile teams are typically shown on regular TV, but for the more obscure matchups in may be necessary to watch on cable or log on to an internet live stream. Watching on a betting site has the added advantage of being able to place in-game wagers and thus offset the loss if the original ticket is not going well. Of course, it’s also a lot of fun watching your favorite players try to reach the number of points, assists, or rebounds you bet on, especially for true NBA fans. Since multiple games are scheduled almost every night, it’s very easy to scout basketball NBA betting tips and find a few interesting matchups that you will enjoy seeing in real time to keep track of your bets. For example, you can keep track of your bets placed at BetRivers where we can offer you BetRivers affiliate code VIP. More information is available in the article.

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5. Basketball Parlay Builder at Bet365

While talking about betting on basketball, we have to mention a fantastic feature that is available at Bet365. Basketball parlay builder is a tool that definitely should be taken into consideration during placing basketball bets. What is it about and how can you benefit from it?

First of all, it is worth mentioning that you can make a use from this feature for basketball games in general, not only for NBA and NCAAB. The mechanism is very simple. First, you select matches from the available basketball markets and decide how you want to bet on them, choosing from spread, money lines and total categories. Then, you combine them with basketball parlay builder to create one straight bet with the price made from the combined selections.

What is more, later you can combine your parlay bets with other parlay bets or even non-parlay bets to create a bigger parlay. Just look at this simple example: you find two interesting matches and you create a two-team parlay bet that can be later be developed into a bigger parlay bet by adding selections from other basketball games or any other sport events. However, before you use this feature, read the terms and conditions available on the Bet365 website.

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6. Best Tips for Basketball Betting

In the age of the internet, you don’t have to be an expert to bet successfully and win consistently – not if you are actively taking advantage of betting tips for basketball coming from more experienced bettors. Here are a few golden rules to go by:

🏀 There are no sure things in basketball – even the most elite NBA teams lose more than 10 games every season, sometimes unexpectedly;

🏀 Avoid betting against struggling veteran teams, especially if they are well rested and/or coming off a humiliating defeat;

🏀 Playing for over/under may be more prudent than trying to predict the winner of a closely contested NBA game or a playoff series;

🏀 Individual players statistics are fun to predict, but you should know that only the greatest players are consistent from one game to another;

🏀 If the game goes to overtime, most sportsbooks will count it as a tied game and award a really big payout if you can guess it correctly.

🏀 Be aware that others are following basketball betting tips and don’t always take the most obvious bet;

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