How to Bet on College Basketball

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How to Bet on College Basketball

NCAA basketball is hugely popular in the United States and the rest of the world, and fans are researching how to bet on college basketball in order to improve their chances to win. The structure of the competition with numerous conferences and a big single-elimination tournament at the end of the season makes betting on college basketball very specific. That’s why it takes a lot of preparation and strategic thinking to come up with good predictions that might bring a large profit.

In this short guide, we will cover some of the key questions that bettors want answered, such as how do basketball betting odds work and is college basketball hard to bet on. It’s a smart idea to invest a bit of time and read through to the end, since that way you can learn about the best online betting sites and good strategies you can deploy to win your bets. This guide can provide you with instructions how to bet on college basketball in a smarter way.

1. Betting on College Basketball Online

In the United States, making college basketball betting picks is a long-standing tradition that was practiced among friends and co-workers before betting on sports was legal. Since there is no more reason to worry and to ask yourself: “can you legally bet on college basketball?”, even more people practice this fun activity, especially during March Madness.

In case you are wondering “can you bet on college basketball online?”, the answer is positive – there are numerous betting sites that allow NCAA games on their tickets. Recently, local sites from New Jersey and the rest of the US are entering the picture, making things easier for people looking where to find the best college basketball odds. Picking the bookmaker may be a tricky task, but you can always learn about top legal brands for sports betting in New Jersey and their NJ welcome bonuses from one of our articles.

It’s becoming more common for people in the US and abroad to have an app for college basketball betting on their phones, which enables them to make the picks from anywhere, even if the game is already in progress. Due to sheer number of NCAA basketball games played, there are a lot of opportunities to catch a favorable betting offer and capitalize on it. However, making accurate NCAA basketball predictions is harder than it looks, since small programs sometimes upset much more prominent colleges. You need to understand how often do college basketball underdogs win and which teams are vulnerable to surprise losses before you can start winning your wagers with any regularity.

2. College Basketball Betting Lines and Spreads Explained

Another thing that is essential to understand is how to place a bet on CBB games. Some of the most important concepts involved are betting lines and spreads, which affect how much is paid out on a winning bet. To have college basketball betting lines explained, we need to introduce the favorites and underdogs, with odds for each reflecting their likelihood to win. For example, an elite team facing an outsider would have a negative betting line, implying the bettor will win less money than the initial bet is worth. On the other hand, when college basketball betting lines are positive, anyone who bet on that team would win more than they risked.

Betting spreads are another crucially important element that changes the math, since this type of betting requires the winning team to reach a certain point differential.

College basketball odds can vary greatly from one game to another based on the estimation of each team’s chances, and can be affected by factors such as injuries to key players, coaching changes, strength of upcoming schedule, etc.

You can find more information about that in our basketball betting tips. odds and predictions guide.

3. College Basketball Betting Strategies

It’s certainly possible to randomly make college basketball betting picks based on hunches, but it’s hard to win consistently by guesswork. A more reasonable approach is to formulate a strategy early in the season and use college basketball betting tips to gradually refine it.

There are many possibilities, from picking an overlooked team to win its division at the start of the season to guessing the winners of individual games from week to week.

Many players are actively hunting for college basketball spreads that the winners are likely to cover, but this approach requires a lot of research and deep knowledge of the NCAA basketball landscape. Casual players often bet only on the NCAA tournament, filling out a bracket and trying to predict the eventual national champion, so they can only superficially learn how to bet on college basketball. With so many types of college basketball betting promos available on the internet, the number of viable betting strategies is increasingly large. However, even the best strategy requires flawless execution and a little bit of luck to bring the desired outcome.

4. Best College Basketball Betting Sites

US-based players can finally stop wondering: “is betting on college basketball legal” and simply choose a mainstream gaming provider to place their wagers with. There is no shortage of betting websites that include NCAA basketball games in their offer, so it makes sense to search for those that offer the largest bonuses and the most favorable conditions.

Some of the best college basketball sportsbooks are huge global brands like Unibet or Bet365, and they enjoy great reputation for integrity and professionalism. Those who are wondering “where can I place a bet on college basketball” with a local sportsbook should think about BetRivers, which is a New Jersey brand.

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Depending on where exactly you are located, you should check if you can bet on college basketball online , as each site might have some restrictions in place. You are not limited to one betting site either – it’s perfectly fine to be a member of multiple college basketball betting sites and choose where to play based on the best offer. That way you can take advantage of periodic promotions and catch favorable odds on certain NCAA basketball games. If you know how to bet on college basketball, you should have success regardless of which site you are playing at.

5. How to Pick the Winner of an NCAA Basketball Game

It’s not enough to know where can I bet on college basketball – you need to make bets that bring back significant returns. This is easier said than done, but if you watch a lot of college basketball, understand statistical trends, and deploy the right strategy, you can consistently make money. For that to work, you need to find a way to predict the winner of a game in situation where it’s not obvious.

Learning how to bet on college basketball and win is a long process and it’s normal to have a few setbacks, but with added experience you will learn to recognize the teams worth betting on. Since different universities have vastly different budgets and access to elite talent, it’s important to analyze the big picture rather than getting caught up in numbers. If your college basketball betting picks are becoming more and more on point, that’s a sure sign that your approach is working and that you should simply continue to study the game and expand your betting method. Online guides can teach you the basics of how to bet on college basketball , but to become a master of this fine art you will have to practice on your own.

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