Online Horse Racing Betting in USA

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Online Horse Racing Betting in USA

Online Horse Racing Betting in USA is a popular topic among bettors. That's because horse racing is a sport that produces a lot of excitement and provides an excellent opportunity for successful betting. In fact, wagers have been a part of the equestrian sports for a long time, and in the internet era era it’s very easy to practice horse racing betting online. With an abundance of options literally just a click away, you can bet on horses in a wide variety of ways. The most skilled bettors can make a significant amount of money based on their knowledge and a bit of luck, while even casual fans can have a great time and occasionally hit on a wager.

If you are wondering what types of horse racing bets are there and would like to learn more about maximizing your chances for a big payday, this preview will present you with the basic principles and prepare you for action. However, this is a fine art and it takes a lot of practice before you can beat the odds with any regularity. Learning the fundamentals is enough to start betting on horse racing, but it can take a long time to become an elite bettor with a good nose for an undervalued horse.

1. How Betting on Horse Racing Works

Basic tenets of horse racing haven’t changed much in the internet era – you still need to correctly predict the order of finishing in the race to win the wager. The main difference is that with modern online horse racing betting sites like Bet365 you can bet on any race in the world from the comfort of your living room. Picking the winner (or second-place finisher, etc.) is made easier by the availability of information, so in addition to knowing the betting odds you can quickly check past racing history of a particular horse or find out details about the racetrack. As with all other sports betting disciplines, the odds on major favorites are quite low, so the best bet to make in horse racing often includes a competitor that has been overlooked by the bookmakers but still shows signs of breaking through under the right circumstances. If you would like to learn how to bet on horse racing, you should visit a site that offers such service and study its offer carefully. And before you choose this site, it is worth to have a look at our article includingVIP promo codes for existing NJ players to be up to date with the best offers available on the market.

2. Horse Betting Bonuses

Due to the huge number of people who bet on horse races all around the world, the sites offering this kind of service are very competitive. To attract new clients, the regularly organize promotions and award valuable perks to players.

For example, you can pick up Bet365 horse racing bet boosts and increase your potential winnings, or you can take advantage of a free bet from another provider. There are numerous perks available at various sites, so it makes sense to get more familiar with the options at each site and choose accordingly. Luckily, we have prepared an article describing best online bookmakers in USA and VIP promo codes for top legal NJ brands. That’s how you can find great horse racing betting terms and ensure that you are putting yourself in the best situation to win. Access to bonuses greatly determines how do you bet on horse racing, allowing you to chase higher odds without incurring too much risk. It’s prudent to collect all the bonuses you can as each one decreases the overall cost of your betting activity.

2.1 Horse Betting Promotions

Practically all horse racing betting companies engage in permanent or periodic promotions that might include bonuses and free cash for making bets.

Since the largest betting sites like Bet365 serve millions of users on a daily basis, they are very generous towards new players and shower them with gifts all the time. Consequently, you can find some very attractive horse racing betting bonuses that can be used to fund your speculative wagers. Bet365 horse racing bonus may not be possible to withdraw directly, but it still provides excellent value if you use it wisely. It’s always fun to play with house money, so you should be on the lookout for promotions you might be eligible for when you join a new online horse racing betting site. If two horse betting offers are relatively similar, bonuses could be the decisive factor that tips the scales in favor of one of them.

Standard bonus on Bet365
Bet $1 & Get $365 in Bonus Bets

2.2 Horse Betting Loyalty Programs

In addition to horse racing free bet offers and similar one-time boosts, players who frequently place bets could qualify for a loyalty program that awards points for activity. Such programs motivate players to stay on the same site month after month, following the entire race season without changing providers. When you are earning points on every bet, you will never run out of funds for live horse race betting or any other wager.

It’s recommended to study the conditions of each site and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of its loyalty scheme before making any commitment. As a general rule, bigger and more established sites tend to reward their long-time users more, but it’s worth comparing the offers between several competitors to find the most lucrative deal. In many cases, you will be able to find horse racing best loyalty program that goes hand in hand with user-friendly conditions and excellent betting odds.

3. Top Horse Betting Sites and Apps in 2023

There are countless sportsbetting providers, but only a handful of elite websites can deliver first-class user experience, competitive and well-balanced odds, and high level of convenience when making a bet. If you are unsure which online horse racing betting app to download, you should learn more about top betting brands such as Bet365 and other global sportsbooks. The group of trustworthy betting sites occasionally expands, but older sites that have large international audiences are safer to play at and promise better financial returns.

Another possibility is to search for the best horse betting app by testing several platforms and directly benchmarking their performance. This approach allows you to consider some less widely known brands and give them a chance to impress you.

4. Horse Racing Odds and Picks

It goes without saying that finer understanding of the betting odds is a key precondition for winning money on horse races. The odds are calculated based on the likelihood that a specific horse will win the race and take into account its lineage, measurements, previous results, etc. Top favorites are typically given lower odds by best horse racing betting sites, while horses that are viewed as long shots can produce much better returns if they manage to outperform expectations. Making the right pick is all about risk management, and bettors can decide between several legitimate horse racing betting strategies depending on their preferences and the available opportunities.

4.1 Types of Horse Bets and Wagers

It’s possible to make many different types of bets and predict the outcome of the race in numerous ways. If you are wondering what are the types of horse bets most commonly encountered in practice, you should pay attention to a few typical options.

The simplest form of betting is to predict which horse will win the race or place in the top 3, while Trifecta betting requires you to correctly guess all top-3 finishers. There is also the Exacta bet, where the objective is to guess the exact order in which top two horses will cross the finish line. Some exotic and even multi-race bets are available as well, but those generally require a more sophisticated touch and are not recommended for people who are just starting with horse racing betting online. If you require horse racing betting explained in more detail, there are plenty of blogs and websites where you can find additional information and learn some tricks that could help you place better bets.

5. Is Online Horse Racing Betting Legal in the USA?

Legal betting market in the United States is steadily growing, as more and more states adopt relaxed rules in this regard. When it comes to horse racing legal states there are more than 30 of those so it’s possible to place a legal bet in most of the country. Considering that it is home to several top-tier horse racing betting sites, USA is one of the strongest and fastest expanding markets in the world. However, there could be some restrictions of access based on place of residence even if you are betting on the internet, so it’s best to check whether the betting provide accepts wagers from your jurisdiction before opening an account.

6. Major Horse Races to Bet on Across the US

The range of betting options is quite broad in the United States thanks largely to a great selection of events to bet on. By following the top horse racing events in US you can find a lot of well-paying bets to try.

Main Horse Races in the USA

  • Kentucky Derby
  • Preakness Stakes
  • Belmont Stakes
  • Breeders Cup
  • Arlington Million
  • Pacific Classic Stakes

Without a doubt, the biggest meets in US horse racing include the world-famous Kentucky Derby, as well as Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes. Many other events deserve attention, including Breeders Cup, Arlington Million, and Pacific Classic Stakes. All of those races attract bettors from across the nation and abroad, with huge sums changing hands. That also means the odds are usually on target and all participating horses are well-known and easy to research, providing a great environment for online horse racing betting in USA.

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